The Australian – Father’s Day luxury gifts

15 August 2017

Father’s Day is a-coming in Australia, with September 3rd closing in fast. Carli Philips from The Australian lends a hand to all who are looking for the perfect gift for their pa, and makes an interesting classification.  

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uncrate – Czech & Speake Manicure Set

13 August 2017

There are plenty of things in this world that are out of your control — the weather, tax increases, your mortality — but what you can control are your perfectly-sculpted nails, with this Czech & Speake Manicure Set. Check the details on uncrate.

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D la Republica Italy – Daily picks by Donatella Genta

08 August 2017

Donatella Genta selects for her readers the Czech & Speake Rose cologne for a delicate perfume on one’s skin. See her whole description here: Per un delicato profumo sulla pella la Cologna alla Rosa di Czech&Speake.

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KK News China – 做浴缸、玩香水,這個「不務正業」的大牌又設計了一款剃鬚刀

A design and perfume story as seen by KK News in China. A way for our followers abroad to learn more about Czech & Speake and our glamorous products. More details here.

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AD – Inside Alice Naylor-Leyland’s World

06 August 2017

For fashion It girl Alice Naylor-Leyland and her family, home in the English countryside is a wonderland. Dive with us in her fairy-tale country house to see her beautiful bathroom with Czech & Speake Fittings. PHOTOGRAPHY BY SIMON UPTON

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