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Father’s Day is a-coming in Australia, with September 3rd closing in fast. Carli Philips from The Australian lends a hand to all who are looking for the perfect gift for their pa, and makes an interesting classification.


There are plenty of things in this world that are out of your control — the weather, tax increases, your mortality — but what you can control are your perfectly-sculpted nails, with this Czech & Speake Manicure Set. Check the details on uncrate.

Donatella Genta selects for her readers the Czech & Speake Rose cologne for a delicate perfume on one’s skin. See her whole description here: Per un delicato profumo sulla pella la Cologna alla Rosa di Czech&Speake.

A design and perfume story as seen by KK News in China. A way for our followers abroad to learn more about Czech & Speake and our glamorous products. More details here.

For fashion It girl Alice Naylor-Leyland and her family, home in the English countryside is a wonderland. Dive with us in her fairy-tale country house to see her beautiful bathroom with Czech & Speake Fittings.


“Cremen, Feilen, Lackieren: Was Sie für’s Fuß-und Nagel-Upgrade brauchen – und worauf die Stars schwören.” Gala Germany presents their celebrity product list for he perfect Mani-Pedi.

With only 4 months to Christmas left, preparation is key to getting your hands on the perfect gifts. The Czech & Speake English long grain leather wash bag is perfect for your dear boat lover. See the whole list here.


Mr. Jonathan Dunn, Editorial Assistant: I always pack this air-safe, leather-bound travel manicure set. It’s designed to meet international travel standards, and it’s got all the tools to make sure your nails look white and perfectly buffed when abroad. Now all you need is the sea to bleach them.

To entirely enjoy every day at the beach, it needs out-and-out preparations from intensive workouts, seriously planned diets to total body grooming. Mainly I prepare everything a few months ago, so didn’t have so much to do, but working out more intensively to get rid of some excess weight. Now when I’m ready and want to share with you some recommendations.

From fragrances to tool kits, we get to put some of the best men’s grooming products to the test here at GQ HQ. If you want to be the best-groomed man in the room, these are the essentials you need to get in your bathroom cabinet right now. Want more? 

We edit the best luxury travel accessories guaranteed to inject a little fun and glamour into the term frequent flyer.

The magazine for ultimate travel and luxury experiences recommends Czech & Speake 8 piece Manicure Set. The leather bound 24k gold plated manicure set will look gorgeous in your cabinet and will serve as an indispensable travel essential. See the other 9 object here.

The July Issue of House & Garden UK features the Frankincense&Myrrh room spray and a quote from our creative heart, Frank Sawkins. Shop home fragrance here.

The Czech & Speake Edwardian collection has become our signature range. House&Garden says it is easy on the eyes and comes in three different sizes and finishes. Check out the Edwardian Collection here.

British GQ included our traditional lustful shaving soap scented with No.88 fragrance in their Style Manual. The selection is edited by Carlotta Constant and you can learn more about the featured product by visiting the shaving page here.

L’Officiel Italia presented the new Czech & Speake Neroli body-wash and complementary 6 Weekend Soaps pack. You can read the whole article in Italian here and learn more about the new body wash here.

Shave in Style! Chris LaMorte advises from the Chicago Tribune all his bearded brethren. Czech & Speake’s Zebrano wood razor and badger hair brush get the job done in style. Between shaves, the set looks great displayed in your bathroom. His opinion on the freshness of a spring shave can be read here.

Finding the right gift for the well-dressed dad can be a challenge, though not for lack of selection. Depending on your Dad’s current grooming regiment, the sleek shaving set from Czech & Speake could be a welcome addition to his morning routine. read all about it here.

The Neroli Body Wash made it to the favourite beauty products of Grazia Germany. This luxurious lather body wash scented with Neroli is pinned as the entry to Duschgel-Himmel (Shower Gel Heaven!). See the rest of the products and the entire text here.

There’s no reason that men should have lesser medicine cabinets than women, especially with the wide-range of chic products available today. Mia Adorante suggests for this year’s father’s day a mani-pedi upgrade with the Czech & Speake 8 Piece Manicure Set.

As GQ says, one should not forget one’s father on Father’s day. They suggest three different Czech & Speake grooming products, fit for all budgets: the Zebrano Shaving Set, the Travel Shaving Set and the 8 Piece Manicure Set. See the entire gallery here.

Vogue Arabia Rather than reaching for (yet another) striped tie, why not pamper your dad or the father of your children with something different, in the form of indulging grooming products to replenish his dopp kit. Indeed, he’ll appreciate thoughtful updates to his shaving routine, including YSL’s after-shave lotion and Czech & Speake’s counter-friendly shaving set and stand.

From Singapore, June Chen in Her World Plus suggests the 24k gold manicure set as a luxurious gift perfect to pamper the special man in one’s life. You can find the manicure set here and read on the article here.

ELLE UK put together an extended list of 59 different luxury presents for the man that has it all. The Czech & Speake AirSafe manicure set leather bound in English Long Grain leather, in their words:  “Every man needs one. No, seriously.” You can read the rest of the article here or go directly to check out the manicure set here.

A detailed guide into personal grooming. Czech & Speake 8 piece Manicure set is an essential tool in one’s grooming rituals. If you’re in need of a pedicure, confidently make use of our manicure set. read more about it here, and make sure to check out these fun illustrations by Mr Joe McKendry.

When it comes to Father’s Day, buying presents beyond the traditional tie or pair of socks can be particularly tricky. But don’t fret. This year, the editors of W have complied fifty great gift idea for any dad. No8 is the 8 piece manicure set. you can see the entire list here.



Vie Magazine included the glamorous and luxurious Czech & Speake Gold Manicure Set bound in a soft full grain stone grey leather with a cream white interior. The instruments are 24k gold plated and you can learn more about them here.

Every man needs grooming supplies. Whether he’s looking for a better shave, natural and organic products, or travel-friendly packaging, dad will appreciate these luxe gifts that are at once personal and practical. Like the Czech & Speake 8 piece manicure set. read the whole article here.

M2 New Zealand featured the Air Safe Manicure Set in Red and Black English long grain leather. The Style News page highlights it as a problem solver and a stylish travel essential. To have a better look at the specs you can check it out here.

Having worked as the fashion and accessories editor for Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle USA and W magazine, Carmen Borgonovo knows a thing or two about fashion. Here, Olivia Keating does a quick-fire round with the co-founder behind the burgeoning dress brand Borgo De Nor. Spoiler Alert: She always has with her a Czech & Speake Neroli. Read it all here.


Lee Kynaston reports on the secrets of ‘sexy’ male fragrances and Oxford & Cambridge reveals will surprise you. See the full article here.

Vincenzo Castaldo is creative director of jewellery house Pomellato, famed for its youthful, tactile designs in rainbow-coloured stones, and his favourite scent is Czech & Speake Oxford & Cambridge.



Vincenzo Castaldo is creative director of jewellery house Pomellato, famed for its youthful, tactile designs in rainbow-coloured stones and his favourite scent is Czech & Speake Oxford & Cambridge. Check out the entier interview here.

Scrub up this Spring Summer 17 and have a look at what Esquire recommends. Our mini manicure set, travel friendly, ready to take care of your grooming needs.

The Telegraph’s list on the best new products of 2017.


The online version of the curated collection of C’est la VIE, before being published in the June issue can be read here, with exquisite quality photos.

Unsel Paradiesvogel complemented by Citrus Paradisi Cologne by Czech & Speake

Daniel Hopwood is a champion of British crafts, whose interiors combine sleek modernism with relaxed warmth. He is also a fan of Czech & Speake No88 cologne. Read the whole interview here.

Lee Brom added the Czech & Speake 8 piece manicure set to his Top 10 all time obsessions when talking to Vogue Living, Australia, in April 2017. You can check out the manicure set here and see where the obsession begun.

GQ turkey comes with some on point advice on what to carry with you in your carry-on. See the entire article in Turkish here.

Lia Jordan and Perdita Nouril give valuable advice on how to up your grooming routine. read the whole article here.

Frankfurter Allgemeine featured the Czech & Speake Manicure Set in the beauty for Men section. Read the article in German here.

Take care of the details with this kit by Czech & Speake. Inside is an assortment of handmade tools encased in a leather-bound case, all of which will keep you looking neat and well-groomed (from your eyebrows to your cuticles) for decades to come. See the rest of the top here.

Josh Lee lines up the 13 coolest things this week: This is what he came up with, from shoes, to shaving kits and super yachts.

“Get the smoothest shave of your life with these sleek black tools from Czech and Speake. Complete with the company’s classic “No 88″ scent, which fuses fresh woody notes with Bergamot and Sandalwood, a fine badger hair brush that’ll whip up a smooth lather, and a metal stand for the razor, this is an essential piece of kit for the modern gentleman.”


Lifestyle Singapore’s new Bro Code entry is on classy luxurious shaving. As they highlight, in recent times shaving and traditional shaving trumps beards and they encourage men to try shaving as a pleasurable experience… → Read more

Mr. Porter’s Kingsman has collaborated with British heritage label Czech and Speake to create this refined manicure set. Presented in a textured leather-bound case are four instruments essential for staying well groomed at all times. → Read more

Wendy Rowe, International Make-up Artist and general trendsetter talks men’s make-up and grooming. She chose for the best shave part the Czech & Speake Shaving Set and Stand scented with No88. You can see her recommendations here.

Vogue Living recommends essential travel items for your summer getaways. Czech & Speake leather bound manicure set together with a Globe-Trotter are featured in the magazine and linked to their website.

New looks, interior design trends for 2017 and a hint of fresh vetiver fragrance to start the year well.

“A toolkit such as Czech & Speake’s Leather-Bound Manicure Set covers all bases. Use the hardwearing clippers, scissors and file to gradually reduce the nail edge to about one millimetre of growth. Above all, resist the urge to go overboard with the cuticle nipper that’s included; this part of the nail should always be left intact”

Read the full article here and make sure you check out the gorgeous illustrations by Mr Nick Hardcastle.


“A Helping Hand. We shan’t beat about the bush. Czech & Speake Gold Manicure Set, £450, costs the earth. That said, encouraging nail health among the male of our species is important and requires serious investment of time and money. “

Zebrano wood was traditionally used for boat building and original skis, as it is tough, water resistant and decorative. The perfectly weighted razor features a Mach III blade and Silver Tip best badger hair is used to complete the brush. Shop here



For the Dapper Chap in your life, the Evening Standard has a couple of well groomed suggestions. For a double effect go for the Czech & Speake Shaving Set & Stand – it’s already gift wrapped and it will make for a practical gift.

“Comprising eight pieces of the sleekest matte black steel this side of a TAG Heuer, This German-made manicure set is encased in an English long grain leather portfolio. It will be so coveted by the next generation they’ll be fighting over it when you eventually depart for that great barber shop in the sky”

Let your children fight over who’s getting you this, dad!




The Telegraph prepared a lovely extended 46 product gift guide to help you find the perfect gift for the perfect man in your life. Check it out here.


Ape to Gentleman blog brings us a series of recommendations to give better presents this Christmas. While our manicure Set See the whole list here.


The wonderfully edited local magazine, Belgravia – Residents’ Journal prepared a whimsical Christmas Gift Guide. Our fragrance Frankincense&Myrrh is featured as the perfect gift for him alongside a fabulous pair of new shoes and foodie delights. The aroma of Frankincense & Myrrh, a fragrance without animal notes, is rich and deep yet refreshingly herbaceous without overpowering the senses. Everyone says Frankincense&Myrrh smells like Christmas.

For the Upfront page of Country & Townhouse Magazine, taste-maker Lucia van der Post lists her favourite luxury items. In brief, she loves the Czech & Speake airsafe manicure set. 



Esprit Magazine featured in their 50th anniversary issuer our travel friendly manicure set in red and black English long grain leather. Travel friendly? Learn more about it here.

Style Magazine put together a piece on men’s essentials – Scrubs up well. The hands are one of the first thing she will notice while on a date, give them the same attention you give your perfectly styled hair.

Ryan Gosling, prince of Off-Duty Style, would seemingly pair black jeans, a bomber jacket and shades and would smell like Czech & Speake Cuba. Scoring two in a row, Czech & Speake are also featured on the Father’s Day Special in the Star Style spread.

Vogue Living in Australia prepared a list of gifts for design savvy dads and included Czech & Speake Shaving Set and Stand. When it’s not in use, it’s a splendid display in your bathroom.  More here.

Mr. Porter teaches us what to pack an instant upgrade to your carry-on kit. Czech & Speake designs with our travel loving gents in mind –  manicure sets and luxury shaving kits, go to the article and see what we have in store for you.

Lee Kynaston, The Grooming Guru, offers holiday packing advice in The Telegraph Magazine for the ones that need more than “a crisp packet” to pack all their travel grooming essentials. You can find the article online as well here. He recommends the Cologne for the traveler collection.

A mover and shaker of a British brand that is finally available here, the vaunted floral yet still masculine No 88 comes with an accompanying  shaving set, shaving soap, and moisturising body and bath oil. One of each please. More styles here.

David Smiedt teaches us how to get the summer scruff. Starting with putting your glow on to the finishing touches: the Czech & Speake Cuba may be inspired by the other side of the world, but its bergamot, lime, peppermint and cedarwood scent couldn’t be more south-EU if it were hanging off a Vespa driven by Penelope Cruz. 






The Holland herald suggests a trip to Hong Kong. Don’t forget to accessorize with the travel friendly Zebrano shaving set to keep your facial hair on fleek.

For the Men’s style special, Lesley Thomas teaches us about what real men smell like, discusses Tom Hiddleston’s scent and suggests the popular No.88

From vermilion to vibrant tomato, shades of red give a shot of vitality to stand-out accessories. Like the Czech & Speake red and black manicure set.

Netherlands based magazine Volkskrant’s must pack guide for the summer.

Bijenkorf Magazine made a list of all the scents one can wish for and the Czech & Speake Neroli is one of them.


ES Magazine’s Valentine’s Day gift guide includes our lovely 24k Manicure Set.

For a special spread on spa and relaxation interior design items, like sauna and hut tubs, Wohn! Design Magazine included Frankincense & Myrrh bath oil to complete the experience.

The Vogue Italia Christmas gift guide features the Neroli 50ml bath oil: → Read more

Hello magazine’s Lifestyle page includes the 24k Manicure Set.


Made of striking zebrano wood, this shaving set includes a badger-hair brush and razor


Most of what we think of as modern fragrances can, in part, be traced back to Germany at the beginning of the 18th century when the Italian-born perfumer Johann Maria Farina created the world’s first eau de cologne – naming it after his adopted home city. The fragrance he created was dominated by a mixture of citrus oils along with some additional herbal oils such as lavender and rosemary.

Today these same citrus oils still dominate the world of scent but it isn’t just a simple case of oranges and lemons. There is, in fact, a range of different ingredients derived from the humble orange – fruit, flowers, leaf and all – including bergamot, petitgrain and neroli.

Of these, neroli is perhaps the finest and is steam-distilled from the blossom of the bitter orange (or chinotto). This fruit, which is not edible, is a native of Vietnam and was introduced to Europe by the crusaders in the 11th century and was named in honour of Anne Marie Orsini, the 17th century Princess of Nerola, a small town near Rome, who used it to scent her gloves.

The fragrance itself is sweet, honeyed with a slight metallic tang and blends well with any other citrus oil, making it a natural in unisex colognes. Other than in the perfume industry it is used a flavouring in the Italian soft drink Chinotto, in bitter Campari and is rumoured to be one of the secret ingredients in the recipe for Coca-Cola.

Here’s a selection of some of the very best neroli fragrances for men available right now.

According to cultural cliché, your forties is supposed to be the point at which you’re veering into “mid-life crisis” territory. But this insidious myth (only sometimes true) shouldn’t stop you from exercising a bit of flair when it comes to getting dressed. In this phase of your life, tailoring makes a reliable bedrock for every outfit, a well-cut jacket being both flattering to the figure and age-appropriate. But that doesn’t mean you have to look like a banker all the time. Instead, invest in contrasting separates, like Mr Alasdhair Willis, above, who retains a subtle edge of style in this look with sand-coloured chinos and a navy double-breasted blazer. Avoid fustiness by wearing a T-shirt instead of a shirt and, in summer, try going sockless, or contrasting your smart-casual look with a pair of white Converse sneakers. For more formal events a sharp, slim-cut, single-breasted suit from Italian experts Canali, worn with a pair of round-toed “Shannon” shoes from Church’s, will ensure “cool dad” status.

Brands to look out for: Thom Sweeney, Brunello Cucinelli, Slowear

Your signature fragrance: Neroli Cologne Spray – Bitter Orange Blossom, 100ml, by Czech & Speake

As fresh as they come, this classic Neroli scent from Czech & Speake is subtle and long lasting, with hints of orange blossom and ylang ylang.

Jun 09

GQ – July

As Father’s Day approaches we have decided to gather a selection of 10 specially selected gifts for you to truly do your Father justice, guaranteed to put a smile on your Dad’s face. With a little something for everyone, the list caters to every type of Dad. Let us begin…

The manicure instruments have been handmade especially for Czech & Speake in Solingen, Germany. All have rounded edges to conform to international restrictions on hand luggage for air travel. The long-life nail file was developed especially for Czech & Speake utilising extremely high tech and incredibly sharp synthetic crystals which act like microscopic planes in the way they trim and shape the nail edge.

The Teflon coating on all the instruments dramatically boosts their life span by reducing oxidisation and acts as a dirt repellent, making them supremely hygienic.

Menswear Grooming Opts for Black Packaging This season’s new and cult-favorite grooming essentials for men come packaged in elevated matte-black finishes. Lacking luster never looked so good

“We discovered this late 18th-century formula for eau de cologne in the 1970s,” says Czech & Speake’s founder and creative director Mr Frank Sawkins of classic Neroli. The fragrance was eventually released in 1981, and it takes a confident man to wear a floral that’s this shameless (neroli and orange blossom both ride up front), though rest assured that the concoction is grounded by a balsamic note of ylang-ylang (balsams are the watery sap from plants or trees). If you think florals are not for alphas, bear in mind that this particular formula was allegedly created for Napoleon Bonaparte.



Feb 10






Valentine’s Day is almost upon us and StyleNest know it’s also an important time to spoil the men in our life.

We’ve rounded up the best men’s grooming gifts, from classic favourites to new brands. If you’re looking for a luxe gift to take care of your beloved, look no further than our men’s grooming edit.

All He Wants For Valentines

Hanging with a sartorial superstar is great 364 days of the year, but when it comes to Valentine’s Day, you could be hard pressed to source a gift to satisfy that dapper gentleman! So once again we’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to.

With an nod towards the traditional, these products are more than merely ornamental – a close shave, followed by a dash of cologne and a sprinkle of rose mouthwash can be incorporated into every stylish mans morning routine. So now, with Valentine’s Day sorted you can sit back, relax, and anticipate which delightful treats may be coming your way…

Luxury bathroom accessory retailer Czech & Speake is known for its Edwardian aesthetic, so the sharp, contemporary appearance of its New travel manicure set comes as a welcome surprise. Packaged in a tactile dark grey case, the instruments are coated in Teflon to make them hard wearing and dirt repellant. The set has been designed with rounded ends to pass even the strictest hand-luggage security checks, and nail file, developed especially for the brand, uses very sharp synthetic crystals to trim and shape the nail edges.

This moisturising non-greasy serum is to be massaged all over damp skin after showering or bathing. Alternatively, it can be sprinkled into a bath to leave skin hydrated and without an oily residue.








Czech & Speake Frankincense and Myrrh, £75 for 100ml cologne spray, czechandspeake.com

If you’re looking for a fragrance that’s fit for a king, then this highly wearable blend of two of perfumery’s most ancient ingredients is a good starting point. Rich, warm and exotic, the frankincense and myrrh are softened (and made a little less overtly Biblical) with the help of cedar wood, sandalwood and basil, along with fresh, citrusy notes of orange and lemon. Just add a bit of gold, christen yourself Balthazar (a name I’ve always liked) and, well, you’re done. Happy Christmas, guys.

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Shaving with style – and some fragrant advice from Czech & Speake You’d have thought that an older man blogging about his search for style would know all about shaving; but I don’t. The reality is that most of us start in a rather amateur way in our teens. We experiment, maybe using dad’s razor, negotiating the pimples to create such a bloody result that even good friends flinch from close contact. From that point on, for me, shaving became a tedious daily chore.

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